​About Us

VVFA is an independent representative association for individual CFA volunteers and was incorporated on 4 October 2016. Following the active involvement of VFBV in the 2016 Federal Election, intervention in career staff Enterprise negotiations and taking the CFA itself to the Supreme Court many CFA volunteers identified the need for an alternative voice.

VVFA offers an independent voice for volunteers. We are not affiliated with any political party or affiliated with any industrial body. We do not believe in the adversarial approach but seek a co-operative and collaborative approach with CFA, career firefighters and their industrial body. We believe more can be achieved when we work as one and the benefits will flow on to volunteers, career firefighters and the community we serve together.

VVFA also seek independent governance of the Volunteer Welfare Fund. Many fire brigades only affiliate with VFBV so brigade members can access the fund, this essentially amounts to forced membership and representation. An independent panel should determine grants transparently and without possible prejudice, not volunteers determining grants for other volunteers.

VVFA are looking for members that share similar values and beliefs and support the Purposes of the Association. As a new Association you will be part of its development to grow into a progressive and respected organisation moving forward with a modern CFA to better serve our community.

​Purpose of VVFA

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The purposes of the association are
  (1)  To provide a representative association for individual volunteers enrolled under the Country Fire Authority Act 1958.
   (2)  To promote Country Fire Authority volunteers as progressive, principled, responsible and respected community members.
   (3)  To express the views of Country Fire Authority volunteers.
   (4)  To seek consultation with the Country Fire Authority on matters pertaining to volunteer infrastructure, equipment, personal protective equipment, appliances, IT & communications, community safety, training, operations and volunteerism.
   (5)  To work collaboratively with key stakeholders, recognising and respecting the rights of industrial bodies to make arrangements for their employees without interference or obstruction.
   (6)  To focus on achieving the best possible service delivery to the community. The Association shall advocate for best practice service delivery strategies to meet community expectations.
   (7)  To ensure the Country Fire Authority provides controls with clearly defined operating procedures conducive to preserving volunteer health, safety and general well-being.
  (8)  To assist volunteers to access the range of support services provided by the Country Fire Authority.
   (9)  To achieve an independent body to manage the Volunteer Welfare Fund to ensure greater impartiality, transparency and accessibility of welfare funds.
   (10)  To achieve statutory recognition in the Country Fire Authority Act 1958 as a representative body for volunteers, and review all relevant documents such as, but not limited to, the Volunteer Charter to reflect this.
   (11)  To take any other action as determined by the Committee consistent with these purposes.

Our Structure

The VVFA are comprised of members who are CFA volunteers. We are a developing and growing Association, as membership continues to grow the need to establish district or area representation will be considered and determined by the Association as required. The Committee manages the business of the Association.


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The Committee is composed of the Executive and a number of ordinary members. The Committee is responsible for ensuring the Association complies with its legislative responsibilities as an Incorporated Association and that members comply with the Rules and Purposes of the Association.

The Committee will take action consistent with the purposes of the Association. The Committee will establish Sub-Committees as required to distribute increasing workload and progress outcomes for the members.

​Committee Members

President:                           Dwight Goodman
Vice President:                   Peter Quill
Secretary:                           Di English
Tresurer:                             Jo Loeschenkohl
Committee members:      Damian Willmott, Raj Faour, Sarah Croft